Align, balance, & create a happier healthier you!

We are psychic intuitives that have practiced our work in a very unique way to help raise one's awareness about the link between our energy body and our emotional and physical health. Many people have begun to realize that their emotional health can and will manifest itself as physical symptoms that, if not addressed, can lead to more complicated health issues.

We work alongside you to help you understand what it is that preoccupies your thoughts and creates that added stress many struggle with. Our goal is to help you apply what we teach to the various aspects of life. Areas of life like relationships, work, finances, and more have a strong impact on our physical and emotional health. We are here to help you recognize those symptoms so you can take action against the cause of these symptoms.

Using an assessment chart of our own design we are able to obtain an accurate reading of each person’s unique vibrational patterns and how, when and why disruptions exist. We then help you become more aware of these disruptions and understand the possible reasons for them; thereby, shifting your energy into a harmonized state of health and well-being.